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Transmitters and Switches

Metrix 440 Electronic Vibration Switch Product Image
Electronic Vibration Switch
Metrix MW5550 Mechanical Vibration Switch Product Image
Mechanical Vibration Switch
Metrix PRO440 Programmable Electronic Vibration Switch Product Image
Microprocessor based, programmable electronic vibration switch
Electronic Vibraswitch Non-hazardous locations
Metrix IT6810 Vibration Impact Transmitter Product Image
4-20mA vibration impact transmitter for reciprocating engines and compressors
Metrix ST5484E Loop Powered Vibration Transmitter  Product Image
Stud Mount Vibration Transmitter
- 2.0 in/sec (50.8 mm/s) peak
- 303 SS housing, 1/4" NPT stud
- (XP) CSA/NRTL/C, Class I, Div 1, Grps B-D and Class II, Div 1, Grps E-G
- 24" Flying Leads, 2-wire; (4-20 mA output only)
- No filter, 2 Hz (standard)
- No filter, 1500 Hz (standard)
Metrix ST5491E Seismic Vibration Transmitter  Product Image
Indicating Stud Mount Vibraiton Transmitter 
- 20 mm/s, pk
- 303SS Housing, Integral 1/4" NPT
- Non-hazardous and CSA/NRTL/C Class I, Div 2, Grps CD
- 4-20 mA: Flying leads
- No Filter (2 Hz), Standard
- No Filter (1500 Hz), Standard
Metrix SA6200A Accelerometer Product Image
IPS Seismic Accelerometer Sensor