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Shimpo TRC-5 5 N-m / 500 N-cm / 50.99 kg-cm / 44.25 lb-in digital torque checker

Shimpo TRC-5 torque checker is a user friendly instrument for calibrating or measuring torque values. A single button process does it all. Zero, Test, Store, and repeat. In addition to Average, Maximum, Minimum, and Peak values, the TRC features Red/Green/Red LED's (HI-GO-LO) and audible alarm. It's wide 3,000 data points storage capacity makes large batch testing possible, insuring overall product quality.

The Shimpo TRC-5 torque Checker is USB capable for easy PC/Software interface. Combined with the free DigiTorque_TRC software, graphical display and statistical analysis are performed and collected automatically.

Shimpo TRC-5 is a portable device powered with internal rechargeable batteries or through a universal AC adapter/charger. The TRC's small foot print saves valuable lab space. Its low profile, (3.82") rugged design, and NIST traceable calibration certificate promotes proper calibration procedures, insuring overall product quality.


Capacity 5 Nm
Measuring Unit Nm, Ncm, kgcm, lbin
Measuring Range 0 - 44.25 Lbin
Display 4-digit LCD display, Character height 12mm (.5")
Sub display, 3-digit
Accuracy ±0.5% / F.S.
Measuring Mode MEAN; displays torque value in real time
PEAK; displays peak torque value
Overload 120% of full scale
Sampling 10mSec (100/sec)
Memory Total 3,000 data
(10 sets with 300 data point per set)
Comparator Feature LED indicates "NG", "OK", with adjustable alarm
Data Output USB1.1 (data download by special software)
Power NiMH rechargable battery, and AC adapter 100-240vac, 50/60 Hz
Operating Environment 0 - 40C, (32 -104F) 35 - 85%RH (non condensing)
Certifications CE approval
Dimensions (in) L 320xW220xH97 (12.60" x 8.66" x 3.82")
Weight (lb) Approx. 6.0 kg (13.25 lbs)
Software DigiTorque_TRC Free Download from Shimpo Web site
Accessories Adapter for electric torque driver
AC adapter, USB cable, Desktop Mounting Bracket and Screws (2)
Shimpo TRC-5 Torque Tester Product Image
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