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Precision Digital ProtEX-MAX PD8 ProtEX-MAX explosion proof instruments with modbus communication

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Precision Digital ProtEX-MAX Series has been designed to offer the functions and features of any ProVu®, Trident X2 , Snooper, or Vigilante® II model in a great looking explosion-proof housing. However, the PD8 series is not just an 1/8 DIN meter mounted in an explosion-proof housing. A special bezel and electronics were designed exclusively for the ProtEX-MAX. The bezel and faceplate give the front panel a very finished appearance and house the additional electronics for the PD8. Program and operate the meter without opening the housing using the built-in SafeTouch® through-glass button programming or the serial communication port with free Modbus® protocol.
  • Modern, Sleek and Practical Enclosure
  • All models available with sunlight readable displays
  • Display Mountable at 0°, 90°, 180°, & 270° Degrees (Display models)
  • Explosion-Proof, IP68, NEMA 4X Enclosure
  • Models Available with ProVu®, Trident X2 , Snooper, or Vigilante® II Functionality
  • SafeTouch® Through-Glass Button Programming
  • Password Protection (Select models)
  • Modbus® RS-485 Serial Communications
  • Flanges for Wall or Pipe Mounting

ProtEX-MAX Models

  • PD8-6000 Process Meter
  • PD8-6060 Dual-Input Process Meter
  • PD8-6200 Analog Input Rate/Totalizer
  • PD8-6300 Pulse Input Rate/Totalizer
  • PD8-6210 Analog Input Batch Controller
  • PD8-6310 Pulse Input Batch Controller
  • PD8-7000 Temperature Meter
  • PD8-6100 Strain Gauge Meter
  • PD8-765 Process and Temperature Meter
  • PD8-865 Modbus Serial Input Meter
  • PD8-154 4-Point Alarm Annunciator
  • PD8-158 8-Point Alarm Annunciator

Precision Digital ProtEX-MAX PD8 Process Meter Product Image
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