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Precision Digital PD312 rugged loop powered HART temperature transmitter

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Precision Digital ExSense PD312 is a rugged temperature transmitter that has HART communication capability. It can be configured using a HART modem and a PC running the free HART software provided, or the range can be modified in the field using a handheld HART communicator. Precision Digital PD312 can be ordered with Pt100 RTD, J, K, T thermocouples;

The Precision Digital ExSense PD312 enhanced display model, with standard loop-powered backlight, let the user see the display under any lighting condition, and present valuable information such as the process variable, input type, engineering units, and bargraph. The display can be configured to show the PV, mA output, or %. These models are housed in a sleek & rugged die-cast NEMA 4X enclosure that is available in general purpose and explosion-proof versions. The enclosure has two 1/2" NPT conduit holes, and one 1/2" NPT process sensor connection port for probe or adaptor fitting.

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