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Metrix MX2030 SETPOINT digital proximity transducer system to include
     -  Qty 1 MX2034-08-01-05-05-01-09 Proximity Probe Driver
               4-20mA output signal
               40 mils pk-pk full scale range
    -  Qty 1 MX2031-045-01-05 proximity probe system extension cable
               4.5M length, armored
    -  Qty 1 MX2030-02-000-060-05-05 8mm Proximity probe
               3/8" x 24, 0.5M total length, armored

New SETPOINT Digital Proximity System is the world's first programmable proximity system that allows operation with virtually any probe / cable / target material combination by simply loading the correct calibration curve into the signal conditoner. The signal conditioner is available with a conventional 3-wire connection that is fully API 670 compliant. It is also available in an innovative new 2-wire version that is also API 670 compliant while offering lower installed costs and improved immunity to RFI/EMI. And, for those that prefer a 4-20 mA output, a transmitter version is available and is programmable for either radial vibration or axial position measurements.
Metrix MX2030 Setpoint Digital Proximity System Product Image
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