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Metrix IT6810 4-20mA vibration impact transmitter for reciprocating engines and compressors

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The Model IT6810/6811/6812 Impact Transmitter uses a new technique to measure impact severity on reciprocating machinery.

Impact has been used successfully to measure mechanical looseness on large reciprocating compressors for several years. This new Impact Transmitter combines the benefits of this measurement with the convenience of 4-20 mA loop powered sensor technology.

It has a built-in piezoelectric crystal sensing element, and uses a timing function as part of its severity determination. An impact event counter and memory device is used to record events meeting a preset amplitude threshold level. The 4-20 mA signal represents the number of impact events above the threshold level that occur within a preset time window called the reset time.

Mechanical impacts are both measured and qualified within the transmitter. The result is a current output proportional to impact severity.

Metrix Impact Transmitters detect the following: loose rod nuts, cracked rods, broken or loose bolts, liquid in the process, loose or worn wrist pins, excessive clearance in the slipper, and other loose or broken parts.

Recommended accessories
ACR Smart Reader Plus 7
8 channel 4-20mA process signal data logger (32kb)
ACR Smart Reader Plus 7 Process Signal 4-20mA Data Logger Product Image
Metrix IT6810 Vibration Impact Transmitter Product Image
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