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Manta MTS-5000 (Refurbished) Protective Relay Testing System

Manta MTS-5000 relay tester is the first all-in-one relay test system with a direct front panel interface for all functions. Find out why other relay technicians and protection engineers have found this instrument to be a joy to use, providing them exceptional productivity gains even without using PC software.

Breeze through single overcurrent relays to multi-terminal end-to-end schemes with this one box. No add-ons, no hidden costs. All the brute force power (VA) that you need for old electro-mechanical relays; and for modern microprocessor-based relaying, all the powerful functions that you need, simplified by built-in intelligence capabilities. Increase your protection system reliability confidence with realistic transient waveform and GPS time-synchronized testing to mimic real-world conditions.

Manta MTS 5000 Relay Tester Product Image
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