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Hart Scientific 9105 0.1°C accuracy -25°C to 140°C portable field dry well

The Hart Scientific 9105 Laboratory Dry-Well Calibrator has a temperature range of -25 °C to °140 C with a stability of ±0.01 °C. It has four outside wells of various sizes and a removable center well as shown in the illustration. Well-to-well uniformity in the drilled wells is ±0.05 °C. Used with a standards probe, the 9105 has the test well uniformity and the stability to give you ±0.05 °C calibration accuracy. The high-precision, microprocessor-based controller has 0.01 degrees of resolution. You recalibrate your 9105 through its front panel, which reduces the cost and problems of recertifying your instrument.

Hart Scientific 9105 Portable Field Dry Well Product Image
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