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Fluke Ti300 240x180 60Hz thermal camera

Fluke Ti300 thermal imager is equipped with LaserSharp Auto Focus for consistently in-focus images. Every. Single. Time. Every IR camera user knows that focus is the single most important aspect to ensure when conducting an infrared inspection. Without an in-focus image temperature measurements may not be accurate, sometimes off by as much as 20 degrees, so it's much easier to miss a problem. LaserSharp Auto Focus tells you exactly where you are focusing. It uses a laser to calculate the distance to your target before it focuses. Place the red laser dot on the equipment you are inspecting, then pull and release the trigger for a perfect in-focus image.

Compatible with the largest suite of connected test tools in the world

Fluke Connect is the only wireless test and measurement system that lets you stay in contact with your team without leaving the field. Keep your facility up and running with Fluke Connect ShareLive™ video call. Communicate critical data and get answers and additional work approvals instantly without leaving the inspection site. Get started saving time and increasing productivity now with Fluke Connect.

Field installable telephoto and wide angle lenses are available for added versatility for special applications and voice annotation makes pen and paper no longer necessary.

For applications that require higher resolution, the Ti400 is an alternative choice.

As always, Fluke SmartView software is included at no additional charge.

Fluke Ti300 Thermal Imager Product Image