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Fluke BT521 Fluke BT521 Advanced Battery Analyzer

Fluke BT521 Battery Analyzer is the ideal test tool for maintenance, troubleshooting and performance testing of individual stationary batteries and battery banks used in critical battery back-up applications. The intuitive user interface, compact design and rugged construction ensure optimum performance, test results and reliability. Fluke BT521 Battery Analyzer covers a broad range of battery test functions ranging from DC voltage and resistance tests to full condition testing using an automated string function testing and the test probe integrated infra-red temperature measurement system. Fluke BT521 Battery Analyzer is designed for measurements on stationary batteries of all types.
  • Battery analyzer
  • 4-wire test pin (set)
  • BTL10 Basic Test Lead (set)
  • TL175 TwistGuard™ Test Leads with adapter
  • BTL21 Intelligent Test Probe Set, with extender and temperature sensor
  • i410 AC/DC Current Clamp
  • BP500 lithium-ion battery
  • BC500 AC charger
  • Mini-USB cable
  • Shoulder strap
  • Belt strap
  • Magnetic hanging strap
  • FlukeView® Battery Management Software
  • Soft carrying case
  • Spare fuses (2)
  • Battery tags
  • Zero Ohm Calibration Resistor
Fluke BT521 Battery Analyzer Product Image
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