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Fluke 707EX Intrisically Safe Loop Calibrator 

    • Large display and simple, quick-click push rotary button for easy one-handed operation
    • Simultaneous mA and % readout for quick, easy, interpretation of readings.
    • mA accuracy of 0.015%, superior to other loop calibrators
    • 1 µA resolution for mA source, simulate and measure
    • Push button with 25% steps for fast, easy linearity checks
    • 0-100% "span check" for fast confirmation of zero and span
    • Selectable slow ramp, fast ramp, and step ramp to provide smooth outputs for valve slewing and loop functional tests
    • Internal loop supply, so you can power and read a transmitter at the same time without carrying a DMM
    • Measures Vdc to 28 V
    • Single 9 V battery that is easily changed
    • 0-20 mA or 4-20 mA default start up modes
    • Innovative output adjustment dial with 1 µA and 100 µA resolution
    • HART® compatible resistance is connected in series with the loop supply for compatibility with HART communicators
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