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Emerson HART 475 HART Field Communicator

  • Full-color graphical user interface supports graphs, charts, gauges, and pictures for quicker diagnosis
  • Gain powerful device diagnostics in the field to enable troubleshooting
  • Efficiently and consistently manage configurations through easy transfer between the communicator and your PC
  • Long-lasting Lithium-Ion power module
  • Universal support for HART and Wireless HART devices
  • ValveLink Mobile application delivers advanced field diagnostics for Fisher FIELDVUE digital valve controllers
  • Localized language support for English, German, and Russian
  • Easy Upgrade delivers the ability to keep your system software and device drivers updated through the web
  • Bluetooth communication speeds transfer of information.
  • Host System Interoperability gives you flexibility
Emerson 475 HART Field Communicator Product Image
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