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BossPac WASP Nest wiressless vibration datacollector for BossPac WASP vibration sensor pucks

BossPac WASP Nest allows the monitoring of up to 64 BossPac WASP™ wireless vibration pucks. Reduce downtime by confidently scheduling equipment maintenance. Use up to 64 BossPac WASP™ pucks to create base cases and automatically recognize vibration and temperature variations.

This easy to use touch screen wireless system can be used for permanent condition monitoring or temporary problem diagnosis solutions. Alerts are triggered automatically. The receiver easily connects to control panels, SCADA and data historians.

Features and Functions

  • CSA Class 1, Div 2 certified
  • ATEX certification pending
  • Connect 64 WASPS to one NEST
  • User defined warnings and shutdowns
  • Touch screen
  • Non-volatile data storage
  • 2 discrete outputs
  • Data retrieval with SCADA or USB flash drive

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