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Betavib Thor vibration waveform data collector

Betavib Thor vibration data collector represents a break through in vibration data collection. Using extremely fast sampling and capture of the raw wave form, you are able to analyze and generate spectrums as required. Capture the data once, and perform in-depth analysis at your convenience.

Betavib PC software suite provides quick at-a-glance indication of overall machine health and condition. Machines in any configuration can be setup in the software with the aid of a comprehensive builtin database of bearing information.

Betavib Thor package is comprised of:

  • high speed data acquisition card
  • UMPC (Ultra Mobile PC) for onsite data collection
  • PC software for analysis with support for multiple monitors
  • tri-axial accelerometer

Available Thor Configurations

  Thor Analyzer Thor Pro Thor Premium
Machines Declaration yes yes yes
Time Waveform Analysis yes yes yes
Trend Analysis yes yes yes
Wideband Spectrum yes yes yes
Envelop Spectrum yes yes yes
Octaves yes yes yes
Units Conversion yes yes yes
Ref. Alarm and Danger Parameters yes yes yes
Spectrum Superposition yes yes yes
Cepstrums yes yes yes
Integrated ISO Standards yes yes yes
Rotating Speed Update yes yes yes
Analysis Report Generation yes yes yes
Anomalies Report Generation yes yes yes
Kinematic Report yes yes yes
Harmonic Cursors yes yes yes
Integrated Bearings Database yes yes yes
Faults Bearings Cursors yes yes yes
Gear Mesh Cursors yes yes yes
Time Frequency Spectrogram yes yes yes
Programmable Analysis   yes yes
Filters   yes yes
1P and 2P Balancing   yes yes
Narrow Band Alarm   yes yes
FRF     yes
Order Analysis     yes
Coherence     yes
Orbits     yes
Multi Channel Cross Spectrum     yes
ARMA     yes
Lubricant Analysis Module     yes
Infrared Thermal Report Generation     yes

Betavib Thor Vibration Data Collector Product Image
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