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Arista ADM1519AP industrial 19" LCD Display

Arista ADM 1519 industrial LCD display offers a 19" display size with 1280 x 1024 pixels, 300 NITS brightness and high 700:1 contrast ratio. The unit is constructed of an all steel nickel plated chassis design with a standard black powder coated aluminum bezel.

Hassle Free Integration
Arista ADM 1519 rugged panel mount display is designed to provide hassle free and easy integration. The unit features a fourteen mounting locations allowing for a super-sealed panel mount, and providing NEMA compliance when properly installed.

Touch Screen
Touchscreens improve operator efficiency and accuracy by allowing direct interactions between data and on-screen controls. For the ADM 1519, Arista offers a 5-wire resistive touch screen option, which can be connected via either USB or RS-232 connections.

Arista ADM1519AP Industrial 19
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