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Amprobe TIC-300-PRO AC Voltage Detector

Amprobe TIC 300 PRO is rugged and reliable for utility, industrial and mine safety applications, the Amprobe TIC 300 PRO Tic Tracer AC Voltage Detector warns against dangerous voltages in low and medium voltage test applications up to 122 KV without contacting the energized conductor.


  • Utility tool for checking transmission lines, power distribution equipment, down power lines, fuses, and load break connectors
  • Lower voltage setting for checking voltage presence in breaker panels, breakers, power outlets and wiring
  • Verifies presence of Voltage from 30 VAC to 122,000 VAC (122kV)
  • Non-contact AC voltage detection
  • Visual and audible voltage indication
  • Self-test verifies that tester works properly
  • Ergonomic design with a convenient handle
  • Drop-proof to 6-FT
  • Used with Hot Stick Tic 410A for voltage higher than 1500 VAC
  • CC-300PRO Case Included
Recommended accessories
Amprobe TIC410A
Hot Stick for TIC-300PRO
Amprobe TIC 410A Hot Stick TIC Tracer Attachment Product Image
Amprobe TIC 300 Pro Non Contact High Voltage Detector Product Image
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